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In case you didn't already know, my name is Danny Picard. I am from South Boston. And my journey in the sports media industry is a difficult one to describe.


Here is where you can find some of my Personal work: podcasts, videos, columns, blogs, and more.

Currently, I am the owner of Broadway Golf CLub in South Boston, which opens this winter. I'm also a sports columnist for the Boston Herald, giving my NFL picks (against the spread) every Sunday.

I graduated from UMass Amherst with a Journalism degree in 2007. Since, I've worked at The Boston Globe, Comcast SportsNet New England (now known as NBC Sports Boston), NBC Sports Radio, The Boston Metro, and WEEI-93.7 FM, just to name a few.

You might know me for breaking news on ROger Clemens' return to baseball in 2006 when I was a College reporter for The Massachusetts Daily Collegian. Perhaps you know me for breaking news on the Houston Astros getting caught Spying on the Boston Red Sox in the 2018 ALCS. or you might've seen me in the hit youtube street hockey documentary that I wrote/directeD, "363: The Road to the Southie 3-on-3." It's possible you know me (Judge Me? Hate me?) for my boston accent -- it seems to be a fairly popular google search -- ON RADIO, PODCASTS, Or TV. Or maybe you just don't know me at all.


For years, I've proclaimed to be waiting for my "title shot." I guess you could say that's still the case. However, we NOW live in a do-it-yourself media world, and I'm just a content creator attempting to make my own breaks in an industry that never gave Me back the same that I put in.

For More, Follow me on instagram, @DannyPicard.

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